Saturday, April 9, 2011

DDos on LiveJournal - turning crisis into opportunity.

Developing an effective incident response procedure is crucial to minimizing the impact of a security breach or DDoS attack. A good incident response plan not only helps secure the impacted infrastructure, but can also increase consumer loyalty. The recent DDoS attack on LiveJournal clearly required the use of public relations techniques, which did not appear to happen in time.

In the absence of information, the rumour mill will take over. Instead, an immediate and honest statement should clarify known details, and the information be frequently updated. The organisation must demonstrate commitment and this will be appreciated by its customers.  In case certain information cannot be released it is important to offer an explanation. By doing this the organisation appear responsive and cooperative even if not a great deal of information has been released.

The organisation also must educate all employees on use of social media during the crisis and monitor Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other social sites. Tracking and quickly responding to the relevant conversations should help uncovering and defusing any potential crises-in-the-making.

While no organisation is immune to similar  incidents, this does not necessarily have to turn into a disaster.

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Another good example of turning negative into positive :