Friday, February 17, 2012

PFX – Personal inFormation eXchange

A password and PFX file are needed to open encrypted e-mail messages, whose content is enveloped and attached as smime.p7m. PRTK does a good job at cracking passwords, but some PFX files have different headers which PRTK would not recognise. Chilkat Python Modules come pretty handy in this situation. Modules come with a fully-functional 30-day trial and need to be purchased for use beyond this period or for commercial purposes. I wrote a script, which is based on one of the Chilkat module examples to allow a dictionary attack on PFX and p7m encrypted message. The code is quick and dirty, but gets the job done.
You will need your.p7m encrypted message, your.pfx file and a good ASCII formatted wordlist with .txt; .dic or .lst file extension.

A sample code is provided for illustrative purposes only and  "AS IS" without any warranties of any kind. :-) The code has not been thoroughly tested under all conditions, but should work fine if you know what 're you doing. Here is the LINK to it. It should work fine on Windows and maybe on Lin/Mac machines as well (some modifications may be needed). The script relies on Chilkat modules, which must be installed prior to running the script. Instructions are on pyPFX project home.

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