Sunday, July 15, 2012

A quick note on Fraud <-- from the trenches

Just finished an interesting investigation, where millions of dollars have been stolen by a sales person. It turned out that the company has KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based on volume of sale, not how much profit sales team makes for the company. This approach breeds all kinds of corruption.

In this particular case CCleaner and Eraser have been used 4 times before I got the computer. The guy simply didn't think of automatic Apple backups, that were made every time he connected his precious iPad to his work computer.

Lately, I have noticed that it has become more frustrating to navigate the web. Adds have been pushed to my screen from every imaginable place. What's more annoying is that many are showing up before the content of a page that your were urgently looking for, with a little button in some obscured place allowing you to skip or fast forward the add. I wander how many annoyed or naive customers actuall click on this kind of adds and if these adds are doing more damage than good for the advertiser.

To me, this particular advertising model is not dissimilar to the above-mentioned case with all the consequences arising therefrom.


H. Carvey said...

Interesting blog post...I'd like to hear more about the fraud at some point.

Also, in the post, what are "adds"? Are you referring to add-ons, like browser plugins, or are you referring to ads, as in advertisements?


eco said...

adds = ads = advertising = annoying