Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am not suffering from blogger’s block.

I post rarely on this blog, but not because I am suffering from blogger’s block; on the contrary, I have too many ideas and exciting things to share. Unlike writing about travel or weather however, digital forensic topics require more time to verify, test and research. Work eats up most of my time, so I have not much time left for blogging at the moment.

Currently, I am contributing to our Computer Forensic Company's blog, where you can always find fresh stuff under the NEWS section.

Social Media has finally caught up with me as well, despite my resistance. I recently started using Google+ for quick sharing, commenting or exchanging ideas. You can find me here .

Where time permits, I will try updating this blog as well, but no promises.

[Google+ is no more. Is the Internet a Living Thing?]

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