Tuesday, December 7, 2010

iSCSI initiator on Win 7

F-Responce (and  Helix3 Pro) both can be handy for imaging over iSCSI.  Win 7 iSCSI initiator looks slightly different to Win XP.

Typing iscsicpl and hitting enter brings the initiator.

In Discovery tab press Discover Portal. This should open another window Discover Targt Portal. Enter IP address and port (if not default) and click Advanced button.

In Advanced Settings window mark Enable CHAP log on and enter username and password as per F-Responce target configuration.

The target(s) should appear in Discovery tab.

In Targets tab there should be the drive with status indicated as Inactive.
Click connect button.

Another window will open and there will be an option to add this disk to favorite targets. It is up to you if you 'd like to do that or not. Click Advanced button.

The same proceedure here, Enabling CHAP log on and entering username and password.

The drive should be connected now.

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